The Children’s Book

Roje_kidBook_cover1A Family is the companion children’s book to The Unraveling of Bebe Jones.  It is ‘written’ by the title character, Bebe Jones, and ‘illustrated’ by her then 9-year-old daughter, Jasmine Jones. If you’ve read the novel, you’ll recognise some of the chapter headings as the same text from the children’s book.  In the novel, those chapter headings (i.e. “Here is the mother, here is the father, both of them happy and good….”) are meant to highlight what’s not happening in Bebe’s life.  Kind of a juxtaposition of reality with the fantasy in Bebe’s head:  She wants a perfect family, but has something far different.

I thought it would fun and interesting to produce this children’s book, not only as a gift to my readers, but also as an experimental layer to the project as a whole.  It’s a very simple story with very simple illustrations (remember it’s meant to be drawn by a 9-year-old!) and so is appropriate for ages 0 – 5.  If you’re a parent, grandparent, or childminder, and find yourself on a road trip, in a waiting room, or on a flight with a little one, A Family is a perfect Kindle read to pass the time.  My own 4-year-old loves it.  I hope you’re little ones will, too.

So, if you’ve downloaded the children’s book but haven’t yet read The Unraveling of Bebe Jones and want to, you’re in luck!   A 25% discount will be available for a limited time to purchase a print copy of the novel, and a 75% discount for the Smashwords ebook—only $2.50!—with this coupon code: LH89V

Click here to buy a discounted paperback.

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Click here to download a copy of A Family by Bebe and Jasmine Jones ♥

Many thanks and enjoy!

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